What you'll see in our demo

Our demo is an educational deep-dive into decision-rules development and visualization for your industry. We take you step-by-step through actual problems involving transaction-level data and show you how predictive model development is performed via a visual interface.

Topics covered:

  • How large volumes of transaction are visualized and navigated.
  • Interactivity: how visual queries translate to standard SQL.
  • Visual identification of patterns, correlations and events.
  • Interactive visual filtering of large data.
  • Data transformations and metrics for predictive modeling.
  • How events are displayed, tagged and manipulated.
  • Decision rule development and optimization.
  • Optimal rules decision threshold.
  • ROI and revenue.

Optional topics, depending on interest and business goals:

  • Connection to data-mining engines.
  • Decision error analysis: precision-recall and receiver operating characteristic.
  • Revenue analysis.
  • Huge data considerations: sampling and the long tail.